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Welcome to the libpkix project!

The purpose of the libpkix library is to provide a widely useful C library for building and validating chains of X.509 certificates, compliant with the latest IETF PKIX standards (namely, RFC 3280). This project aims to provide complete support for all the mandatory features of RFC 3280, as well as a number of optional features.

The libpkix library has two main components: the Portable Code and the Portability Layer. The Portable Code implements the main functionality of the library (building and validating X.509 certificate chains). In order to achieve portability, the Portable Code relies on a Portability Layer to access platform-specific functions such as memory management and X.509 certificate parsing. Each platform that wishes to use the Portable Code will need a separate Portability Layer implementation. Currently, the libpkix project is implementing a Portability Layer for the Mozilla NSS/ NSPR platform. At this point, the libpkix project is definitely a work in progress.

This project was developed in Sun Microsystems Laboratories, part of Sun Microsystems, Inc., If you'd like to get involved, please mail the project administrator.


This project comes from the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) in Sun Microsystems Laboratories. The ISRG is Anne Anderson, Yassir Elley, Steve Hanna, Radia Perlman and Seth Proctor.

We would also like to thank the following for their help, advice, and contributions: Stephen Weis, Karl Haberl, Miriam Kadansky, and Steve Heller.

Get Involved!

There is lots of cool stuff to work on in this project. If you'd like to get involved, send mail to the project lead.

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